SDCN is committed to providing the transport industry with a fair, low cost transport trading exchange platform with a focus on high standards at the top of our priorities list.

To achieve this it is essential that our members conduct their business activities on the site in a polite and professional manner at all times, SDCN is not just a trading platform but also a networking platform to help you build new relationships as well strengthen existing ones. Please follow these basic guidelines and we look forward to seeing you all grow your businesses and maximise your profits with SDCN moving forward.

When posting loads please:-

1. Be clear and honest with the details of the job you are posting

2. Communicate with the member taking the load to ensure they have received the details and prevent potential problems before they arise.

3. Pay the member in question fairly and to the agreed terms, always make the member taking your loads aware of the payment terms.

4. Be fair and realistic on your expectations, delays often occur on our roads and legislations must be observed such as speed limits.

When taking loads please:-

1. Be honest regarding your availability and timings for collections and deliveries.

2. Communicate with the member posting the load when collected, any delays and your ETA as well as when delivered where possible.

3. If you have agreed not to Co-Load, then do not Co-Load, check this before taking the load if necessary.

4. Always remember that you are responsible for someone else’s reputation as well as your own, be polite, courteous and professional at all times

5. DO NOT approach any members clients direct if you have taken a load from them.

SDCN reserve the right to revoke memberships should a member break this simple code of conduct, all that is being asked of you is to conduct your business activities on the site in a professional manner. SDCN will not jump to a conclusion though and our commitment is to mediate initially between the members to try and resolve any issues before revoking membership.

The members feedback is there for a reason and SDCN will not automatically respond to any negative feedback unless the member in question ask us to so. Feedback MUST be professional, aggressive and rude comments will be removed and bad language will not be tolerated.

To discuss any of the above or anything else regarding the network please do not hesitate to contact us .